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African Jewelry  compliments your
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African Art to beautify your home or office.


African Crafts unique creations to add to
your distinctive collection.

To inspire and uplift  you we offer:

AFRICA E-ZINE, Our quarterly e-zine (newsletter) is chock full of creative ideas and information that you will want to share it with your friends.

Our stock represents the vibrancy and possibilities of Africa and the Diaspora.

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And we offer something even better:

Every purchase is a special gift from and for Africa!

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Our business continues to be based in the USA but our family answered the call of the One who is the creator of the beauty that is Africa and we moved to Johannesburg South Africa. 

We are social entrepreneurs offering more than just beautiful art, crafts, clothing or accessories. To find out more about our mission and vision check out Who We Are.  

You have a wonderful invitation to contribute to the transformation 
of one artisan group, one family, one community and ultimately one country 
at a time!

How does this benefit you?

African Ndebele Tote Bag    

We have access to many one-of-a-kind pieces.  We offer treasures from all over the continent and beyond but we spotlight South African artistic expression. 

Visit our South Africa Cultural Pages,  where you can learn about the country's history, its people, places of interest and indigenous art and crafts

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Our Top 10 Best Sellers

1. Unisex         Dashiki
2. Tuareg       Earrings
3. Fula           Hoops
4. Gold 
5. Batik           Artwork
6. Kente         Sash
7. Mudcloth     Sash
8. White         Uni-sex       Wedding     Outfit
9. Maasai       bracelet
10. Beaded      Bowl