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Comfort and Style for all sizes

Always comfortable and yet trend setting, the patterns and colors of African clothing and accessories will add spice and spark to any wardrobe.


Our clothing is African original or African inspired, made of select fabric such as Mudcloth, Brocade, Cotton, Kente, Silk or Satin. 

Your beauty and originality will be evident to all when you add African Clothing to your wardrobe.  Our clothing looks great on everyone regardless of age or dress size.

Tye Dye

Item No:  WC110


Show your originality with this dramatic Senegal Kaftan.

100% cotton; hand wash for best results. Fits up to a 50" bust and 57" length. Made in Senegal.

Weight: 0.8 lbs.
Our price: $39.99

Color Options


Africa Inspired Kaftan

Item No:  WC101

A flowing Kaftan will keep you comfortable and classy all year long.

100% rayon/cotton, fits up to 62" bust, waist, and hips; 50" long. Best if hand washed in tepid water.

Choose one of 9 colors!

Black, White, Purple, Blue, Lime, Grey, Fuchsia, Orange or Yellow

NOTE: The Grey color is 100% polyester. Fits up to 70" bust, waist, and hips; 50" length. Also has little frills at bottom.

Weight: 1.12 lbs each.

Our price: $28.00

Color Options

Dashiki Print Sundress

Item No:  WC102 

Funky print, cool and comfortable. This Dashiki print Sundress in 55% Cotton and 45% rayon is a classic in African style.

Size: Fits up to a 54" bust and 48" length.

Choose Black, White, Blue, Orange, Purple, Lime, Dark Brown or Green backgrounds

Weight: 1.0 lbs.
Our price: $28.00

Color Options


African Inspired
Ivory or Beige Kaftan
with Gold Embroidery

Item No:  WC112

Simply Stunning! Slip into graceful, comfort in this Ivory kaftan with gold embroidery and head wrap. Gives you a bit of African charm with a whole lot of elegance.

100% Cotton. Hand wash. One size fits all; fits up to a 66” bust and 50” long.

Weight: 1.75 lbs.
Our price: $29.99



Uni-Sex Dashikis
Item No:  WC104 (Above)

A classic in African Clothing. 100% cotton, comfortable and fashionable.  
For men and women. Available in background colors: Black, Lime, Turquoise,
White, Orange, Fuchsia, Mustard, Blue, Purple
and Red.

Sizes: maximum 55" bust, total length 29".

 Weight: 6oz.
Our price: $16.99

Color Options


Chose White Cream, Pink
, Light Blue,
Purple or Royal Blue.

Senegalese African Brocade Formal or Wedding 3-pieces Outfit 

Item No:  WC105

On your big day you will be stepping out in style with this beautiful Cotton Brocade suit.
Hand-crafted in Senegal  One size fits up to a 1x. Choose , White, Lilac, Light Blue, Purple, Olive, Orange or Royal Blue.

Weight: 1.87 lbs.
Our price: $83.00 each

Color Options


Afro-centric Dashiki

Item No:  WC113

Breezy with traditional print designs, this dashiki is a must have. 35" long. Up to 66" bust. Comes with draw-string. 100% polyester.

Weight: 1 lbs.
Our price: $25.99

Color Options

Red Afro-Print Top

Item No: WC114

Step out in style with an exotic twist. A slimming, free-flowing top with a leaf print. 100% polyester. Machine wash. Fits up to a 54" bust and 35" length.

Weight: 0.94 lbs

Our price NOW ONLY: $20.99

Color Options

African Inspired uni-sex Dashiki and Hat

Item No:  WC108

This comfy and cultural dashiki has two front pockets and gold embroidery along the neckline, sleeves, pockets and hat.

Great for both men or women; fitting up to 50" bust and
35" in length it includes hat.

Made of 55% Cotton 45% Rayon.
, hand wash for best results.

Weight: 1.25lbs

Our price: $28.00

Available Sizes

3-piece Ghana Formal or Wedding dress

Item No: WC109

This pure white three piece skirt set feels sublime on your body and looks ravishing in person.

Made of 100% Cotton Brocade, with embroidery around the neckline. Comes complete with wrap skirt, long sleeved top, and head wrap.

Fits up to 54" bust, 66" waist and hips. Dry clean for best results. Made in Ghana.

Weight: 3.0lbs

Our price: $89.99



Mali Mud Cloth
Wrap Skirt

Item No: WC 115

Stand out in a crowd. Authentic African mudcloth wrap skirts, each one is unique. Handmade in Mali, West Africa.

One size fits most.
For best results hand wash.

Available in Mustard, Rust, Indigo, Four-color or Multi-Strip.

Weight: 2.54 lbs

Our price: $59.00

Color Options


Gold Embroidered
3 Piece Outfit

Item No:  MAC103

You are guaranteed to stand out and yet be comfortable in this 100% cotton uni-sex Pant set with golden embroidery with matching embroidered hat.

Available in Free size: Top fits up to 50" bust/chest, Pants fit up to 56" waist x 43" long. Hand wash separately in cold water.Weight 1.87lbs.

Our price: $48.90




Gold Embroidered Kaftan
with Kufi Hat

Item No: WC117

Dress in Afro-Chic style for a night on the town with this glorious Kaftan.

George Fabric Kaftan 53" in length. Fits up to 54" bust. 100% Viscose.

Best results if hand washed

Comes in White, Red, Black or Purple

Weight: 0.90 lbs.
Our price: $43.99

Color-Size Options

Mali Uni-sex
Mud Cloth
Dashiki Top

Item no.: MAC105

Stunning, striking apparel, hand-made in Mali of rich, warm earth tones. Genuine African one of a kind mudcloth clothing. Cotton, one size fits most.

No two styles are alike; each design varies. Photo is representative only. One size fits 42” chest and has a 32” length. Short sleeve length can vary.

Colors: Indigo/White or Olive or 3 Colors; Natural/Black/Rust.

Weight: 1.50 lbs each
Our Price: $59.90

Color Options

Men: brown/Black           Woman: 4 Colors
Mali Mud Cloth Pants

Item No: WC118

Show your African style in this truly unique Authentic African Mud cloth pants
No two are alike.

Hand spun. For best results hand wash.
Fits up to a 46" drawstring waist, 44" hip to hem and 34" inseam.

Made in Mali, West Africa

Only Style Available:
4 Colors!

Weight: 2.6 lb each
Our price: $57.00