Necklaces and Bracelets

Traditionally necklaces and bracelets had such value and meaning that they were used as
in some parts of Africa. Today the value is found mostly in the creative use of various
materials, the unique style and bold expressiveness of each piece.

I particularly love the colors of the Zulu beadwork bracelets which enliven any outfit I've worn,
as do the Batik bone pieces with their striking brown and black and white etching.

Here area few of my favorites:



Paper Beaded Kenya Necklace

Item no.: NB120

Hand-made paper bead Necklace crafted with bright, vibrant paper beads and small glass seed beads. A fun new look that is made in the heart
of Kenya. 44" long.
Made in Kenya.

Our Special Price: $12.00


Maasai Wedding Necklace

Item no.: NB121

Bold and colorful necklace worn by the Maasai people of Kenya during weddings. Each hand-made necklace is unique, so expect color variations.  Wear it or display it on your wall its a sure attention getter!
Made in Kenya.

Our price: $38.90


Kenya Hammered Metalwork and Trade Bead Necklace

Item no: NB120

This metal necklace takes you to the heart of Africa with hand-crafted Kenyan trade beads in lush colors with hammered silver metal from Kenya adds elegance. 20" long. Made in Kenya.

Our price: $23.99



Style A


Style B

Creative Style A:
Africa Map Necklace

Item no.: NB108

Africa Map made of Glass seed beads and Batik bone it is really beautiful. Made in Kenya

Creative Style B:
Paper Bead Glass Seed Bead Bracelet
and steeped in history. This recycled paper bracelet looks lovely with any outfit.
Made in South Africa

Our price: $14.00 each



Item no.: NB102

Silver Metal Bracelet with Cowrie Shell and Stone.  

Enjoy this lovely Afro-centric design.

Our price: $14.00

Style A


Style B


Brass and Copper Metal Bracelets

Item no.: NB107

Style A: Agate and Brass Metal Look with this lovely cuff bracelet. 2" long. 2.5" diameter with 1.5" gap. Flexible.

Style B: Uni-sex
Elephant design bracelet made brass and copper metals. 1/2 inch wide band, 6 1/4" circumference, 1 1/2" gap to slide on wrist.

Our price: $15.00 each


Style A


Style B


Tuareg Silver Etched Bracelet

Item no.: NB104

Distinctively created by Tuareg tribe. It's 8" circumference with a 1.5" gap to put around your wrist. Made in Niger.

Please note which style you want

Our price: $16.00


Style A

Style B


Style C


Style Bracelets

Item no.: NB105

Your wardrobe needs these vibrant Afro-centric bracelets to add some pizazz to your look.

Style A: Maasai Tribal Bracelet is really unique. Sold individually, all colors assorted. Approx. 6.5"-8" in circumference. Made in Kenya.

Style B: Turned Wood Bracelet is unique and lovely cuff has a natural appeal. 9" wide x 2" tall.

Style C: Smooth Wood Bracelet has a natural appeal with a flare of traditional fashion. 9" wide x 2" tall.

Our price: $10.00 each



Style A


Style B


Style C


Unique Bracelets

Item no.: NB121

Each elegant bracelet is uniquely made just for you.

Style A: Beautifully made bracelet made from colored glass trade beads. Elastic band fits most wrists. No two bracelets are alike and cannot be specified.

Style B: Polished Fulani gold is skillfully twisted into this memorable bracelet that will have everyone looking your way. Made in Mali,

Style C: A truly one-of-a-kind bracelet that captures the ethnic spirit of Kenya. Brass bracelet is adorned with beautiful hand-crafted Dangling Trade Beads. No two are alike as each are completely hand made. Made in Kenya.

Our price: $16.00 each.