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You may not be one to wear African clothing and accessories from head to toe.  But if you want to add something special to your wardrobe then adding an African scarf, belt, or handbag is a sure way to add originality and spice to any outfit. From subdued earthy mudcloth tones to the rich bright Kente patterns we offer something truly unique for everyone.

Here are a few of our favorites:


Zulu Hat

Item no.: A101

Express yourself by wearing it as a hat or display it on your wall.
Made in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

Choose black and white or red and black. The hats are 24.5 inches circumference at the base and 5 inches tall. 

Weight: 13 ounces

Our price:  $35.00

Color Options

Authentic Woven Kente Cloth Sash

Item no.:A120

Clearly authentic African
Make a statement in this hand-woven kente sash. It's 60" X 4.5". Made in Ghana

Choose Black/White or Blue/White

 Our Price: $20.95

Color Options



Long Kente Scarf

Item no.: A102

Made with genuine eye-catching Kente print fabric scarf that captures attention with lush colors and symbolic design.

100% cotton. 17" X 11".

Our price:  $24.00


Kente fabric Tie and Hankerchief

Item no.: A119

Here is a new twist on traditional tie and hankerchief, ours is in vibrant Kente printed fabric. 

Weight: 4 oz.

Our price: $14.99


Kente #1

Kente #2

Kente Tote Handbags

Item no.: A114

Kente Fabric Tote Bag will capture attention with the lush colors and symbolic designs of kente fabric.

100% cotton. 17" X 11".

Our price:  $28.00

Color Options



Kufi Hat

Item no.: A045

Mudcloth hat produced from authentic African mudcloth. Mudcloth is made using ancient and extensive process.
Made in Mali.
Approx. 22" around.  Weight:  5 ounces.

Our price:  $19.90

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Africa Leather Extra Large Tote Bag

Item no.: A106

Fun and fashionable. Extra Large size leather tote bags from Niger. Large and portable at 24" made out of real leather. Strap is 28" long. Colors vary. Order black or rusty/brown or mustard/yellow.
Made in Niger.

Our Special Price:  $47.00

Color Options


Mudcloth/beaded fringe Scarf

Item no.: H102

You can use as a scarf or as table runners to accentuate your African beauty. Ends are hand braided and decorated with West African trade beads. Styles and colors vary but each is wonderfully unique. Please note your preference.

An exceptional piece of African decor. Handmade in Mali (Approx. 60” x 9”) Weight: 6.8 oz.

Our price: $22.99 each


Mudcloth Bucket Bag

Item no.: A118

For an ethnic
bag look with a hip, contemporary twist try this Mudcloth bucket bag with African trade bead fringe. 11" X 11". Made in Mali 

Our price:  $30.99