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Yes it's true, you can contribute towards the transformation of one African artisan, one family, one community and ultimately one nation at a time!

We are  passionate about the transformation of Africa. Our business is a social enterprise based in Massachusetts, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa.  We are a for-profit business with a social conscience which is faith-based. 


Proceeds from donations or sales on this site help support the individual African artisans and the important work of Rebecca's Well Projects in South Africa. 

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In the book of Genesis, Rebecca came to the well for water.  However as she humbly placed her trust in God her life was forever transformed. Our initiative,  Rebecca's Well, is an oasis for any woman who is in need of refreshment, healing, restoration, renewal and a transformed life.

For over 17 years Sheila Wise Rowe worked as a counsellor and entrepreneur in the USA and during the past ten years she has worked with South African women. Rebecca's Well is the culmination of her years on the front line. 


This is where she developed a clear vision to start this more holistic initiative. Sheila and her South Africa Board and staff, "believe that Rebecca's Well focus of capacity building, micro-enterprise development and transitional housing addresses the crucial needs of women and this has been evident in transformed lives.  


We assist women to strengthen the skills, abilities and resources needed to thrive both now and in the future. 

Our Capacity Building, Micro-Enterprise and Transitional Housing programmes are holistic, meeting emotional,  physical and spiritual needs

Currently at four sites our staff and team of volunteers serve women in transition, single mothers, widows, female inmates, ex-offenders and care-givers

Rebecca's Well works in the community and collaborates with six other non-profit and social-enterprise organisations who are members of Rebecca's Well Network.

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Our Life Transforming Capacity Building services empower women in all areas; Emotionally,  Physically and Spiritually by:

  • Facilitating Emotional and Relational Healing through individual and group Peer Counselling, Life Skills, Parenting Skills and Anger Management training.

  • Training women in Job Skills, Basic Computer Skills, Art and Crafts Skills and offering Educational support.

  • Encouraging Spiritual Growth through; The Well: Healing and Discipleship Groups and Retreat and Reflection.
  • Rebecca's Well Network: A collaboration and community-building group which have come together to  network, train and nurture women leaders of social development organisations and social enterprises.


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Women receive Entrepreneur training; to identify local needs and how to get the products and services to market. Their small-scale businesses provide a sufficient income to support their families and transform their communities

They sell their crafts, jewellery, gifts and home décor at the Rosebank Crafts Market and at a monthly Flea Market they started in Soweto. 


In the near future we hope to open a short-term transitional house, a safe haven for women in transition, those with children and those in need of inner healing, reflection, redirection and to retreat

The women participate in our programs and services and they may stay for a day to a few months. During their stay we believe they will heal, grow and discover God’s purpose and plan for their lives.

Funding is needed to make the Transitions House a reality, please consider making a purchase here or a secure online donation at 

Your donation will go toward the work of Rebecca's Well via its USA based partner 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, Arise Urban Ministries, Inc. ( # 311-720-311) and your donation is tax deductible in the USA! 

In South Africa you may donate through bank transfer visit website for details. Rebecca's Well Projects is a South Africa Non-Profit Organisation
(NPO# 086-067)

For More Information, to volunteer or make a Donation 

Rebecca's Well

Attn: Sheila Wise Rowe, Executive Director 

PO Box 81157 Parkhurst 2120


SKYPE# 781-328-2699

Thank you for your donation or purchase. Your support of the efforts of Rebecca's Well will contribute towards positive individual and societal transformation.