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We have a particular love for the country of
  South Africa and its  wonderfully gifted peopleThere is so much that we could share with you about this incredible country. Here we've gather from several sources, facts about the country, its history, people, special sites and detailed information on its art and crafts. 

  • Fast Facts: Learn about the country's geography, population and government of the country.
  • A Brief History of South Africa: A must read especially to understand the complex and multi-layered story of this nation.

As we've traveled throughout the country we have seen people producing a remarkable range of art and crafts. They are working from the pavements, in the schools, studios and markets of the big cities and in rural enclaves.

It has been said that there are many artists and crafts-persons working here today making art  and crafts from a huge array of materials and pushing the boundaries of what art itself consists of.

Through their very work they ask, what is art and craft's position is in a society in transition from the repressive limitations of the past to the uncertainties of the future.


We have gathered a bit of information on the nation's history of art and crafts and on its current state.  It is sure to be informative and may provide some insight as you consider the established and emerging artists feature on our website.      
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