Comfortable, Fashionable African
Clothing and Accessories for
Men and Women

The wonderful thing about our African clothing is that they look great on everyone, no matter who you are, what your shape is or what size you wear.

   mudcloth-and-red-leather-bag     uni-sex-dashiki   

Most of these wonderful clothes and accessories come from  countries such as Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. Each country has a particular style and distinct types of fabric which are specific to their cultural heritage.

Some of our clothing and accessories are made for Africa by folk from around the globe and the sales of these items support the work of African development organizations.

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The patterns and colors of our clothing and accessories are vibrant and add spice and spark to any wardrobe. The clothing and accessories are lovingly made using beautiful fabrics and leather

They have incorporated fancy bead work, patchwork or artwork; some even use traditional fabric such as:

ndebele-tote  mudcloth-sash

We will even assist you with advice on how to liven up your current wardrobe by adding African clothing and accessories. Just sign up for our quarterly E-Zine.

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