Consider Our Uncommon
African Crafts

We have selected contemporary crafts
of high quality not found at typical markets or roadside stalls. 

The workmanship has been around for centuries, but now the work has been updated and is increasingly being sought by interior designers and discerning homeowners alike.

Traditional Ndebele Box


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Our crafts come from across the continent and we also specialize in crafts from South Africa created by ethnic groups such as the Zulu.

Our craftspersons have put their hearts into their work. The results are pieces that are well made and original.

south-african-metal-box    patterned-woven-bowls

The artisans have been inspired to create something new, either using everyday and recycled materials or taking traditional crafts and adding a new twist to it.

They have incorporated traditional work such as Zulu and Ndebele bead work, Venda pottery, Wire and beadwork or West Africa basket making and used these traditional skills and materials to develop an exciting new range of products.

african-warthog-raku-pottery     mudcloth-table-runner         

The works featured here are created either by experienced crafters or those affiliated with credible African non-profit organizations.

We have also featured artisans who are offering their gifts for Africa where a portion of the sale supports outreach efforts of non-profit organizations.