Earn Easy Income And Have Fun


Do you want a way to make easy income? I can relate to your situation, as a mom of two children, it was important to me to contribute income to our household while having the flexibility to be there for my kids.

If you are in a similar situation or you are a man or woman looking for easy income then why not start an African Art and Crafts Home Party Business.

With little start-up costs you host a home party to showcase and sell our art and crafts and you earn easy money from each sale. It's that simple!  

It will be a fun social time. All you need to do is ask your friends and family to open their home for you to host a Home party for them and their friends.  

You take their orders and we process the order and send out the merchandise and you earn a commission on each sale.

The purchase order is submitted along with your special code number. At the end of each month we calculate all of the cumulative sales under your code number and return to you 20% of your cumulative home party sales.

  • If during one month guests at your home parties spend $2400 per month in total sales, for that month you will reap $480. The more sales you have the more money you earn!

The first step is to complete the short Home Party application and you will be contacted by our representative who will follow up on your application

We will assist you with all that you need to get started. We give you an instruction book to help you plan and implement the event and a catalog and for a nominal fee a starter pack of sample merchandise to whet their appetite.

In fact you can order our Home Party Starter Pack and you could be running your enterprise by next week!

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